I'm a 24 year old private investor whose been investing since I was about 16 years old. By day I work as an engineer for a large consumer products manufacturer, by night I'm a businessman and investor looking for the next big deal. I hope to one day become fully dedicated to business and investing.

I just recently decided to start writing this blog for two reasons. First, to get all the valuable information I've learned about business and finance in one spot. The second is to help others learn as much as I can teach about investing and business.

Make sure to explore the site, I'm sure you will find some useful information. You can get my articles sent directly to your inbox by submitting your e-mail in the box below. Feel free to contact me at holmes.clinton@gmail.com. with any questions.

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I am NOT an investment, trading, legal, or tax advisor, and none of the information available through this blog is intended to provide tax, legal, investment or trading advice. Nothing provided through these posts constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of securities/futures. THE DATA AND INFORMATION PRESENTED ON THIS WEB SITE IS BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE BUT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON BY THE USER FOR ANY PURPOSE. ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR THE CONTENT OR ANY OMISSIONS FROM THIS WEB SITE, INCLUDING ANY INACCURACIES, ERRORS, OR MISSTATEMENTS IN SUCH DATA OR INFORMATION IS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED.

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